Aragaki Mutsumi – Okinawan Traditional music live


Aragaki Mutsumi who innovates her original soundscape by integrating her profound voice and groovy sanshin with the contemporary electronic sound of looping, effects and sampled sound.
​Back to Roots. For this live, she focuses on singing and playing the Okinawan traditional songs in acoustic version, simply with vocal and sanshin.​ With having lunch, you could have a relaxing time to feel the deep Okinawan sound. Please come out to share a good time before the new year’s eve.


Aragaki Mutsumi
 - Okinawan Traditional music live

Date : Thursday ​28 Dec. 2017
Venue : Sound M's (3-29-68, Kumoji, Naha city, Okinawa, JAPAN) 
Time : Open 12:30 Show 13:00
Charge : ​1,000yen (1 drink order required)
Information : Sound M's