Churashima Navigator / the you / WA Rubbers , 3 Okinawan Bands heading to overseas music festival!

This summer, 3 Okinawan bands will perform at festivals in overseas.
“Churashima Navigator” and “the you” will appear at PLAYTIME FESTIVAL,Mongolia. “WA Rubbers” will play at V-ROX,Far east Russia.

Music from Okinawa will organize their live event for raise travel expense.

Show details.

Music from Okinawa presents
Churashima Navigator / the you / WA Rubbers
Fund raising live for Mongolia and Russia!

Show:Churashima Navigator / the you / WA Rubbers

date:30 June 2017(Fri)
venues:COLORS・BAR Draming(@Sakurazaka Naha-city)
Live charge 2,000JPY
※After provide wristband,you can join the show.
※1drink order required

More details will update on Facebook page

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