Hirayasu Takashi & Aragaki Mutsumi LIVE @WAIZU (Tochigi, Japan)

Hirayasu Takashi & Aragaki Mutsumi LIVE @WAIZU

Date: Sunday, 12th, March, 2017

Venue: Okinawan style restaurant Waizu(1350-1, Tomioka-cho, Sano-city, Tochigi, JPN)

Time: open 18:00 start 19:00

Fee: 5,000yen (Eat & Drink-all-you-can, Live charge included)

Information & reservation: tel 0283-20-5266 (※Reservation required)


Hirayasu Takashi
Born in 1952, in Nakagusuku, Okinawa.
Guitarist, sanshin player, vocalist, songwriter.

He started his career as a guitarist at Kadena base in Okinawa in his mid-teens. In his early twenties, he joined the recordings for the numerous numbers of the tracks for “Marufuku Record”, which owner is Fukuhara Tsuneo, one of the most famous composers in Okinawan music. After that, he played all over the world as a member of the band Kina Shoukichi & Champloose, as a solo artist, and as a duo with the prodigious guitarist Bob Brozman. He is one of the greatest Okinawan musicians. http://www.hirayasutakashi.net/index.html
Aragaki Mutsumi
Vocalist, Okinawan classic vocalist, sanshin player, songwriter, arranger.
While digging deep into Okinawan traditional music, she is progressively integrating it, in a quite unique style with her philosophy, with other roots music and contemporary music. In Oct. 2016, she performed solo at the opening event of 2016 New Narratives Film Festival held in Taiwan. On the world chart of the world music site Ethnocloud in Feb. 2016, her solo performance video appeared at 18th. In Oct. 2015, as a member of MKR Project, she performed opening act for a live of Guy Sigsworth, producer of Madonna, Seal and Bjork, and Norwegian diva Kate Havnevik. She is a disciple of the second generation child of maestros of Okinawan music Fukuhara Chouki and Fukuhara Kyouko. She learned Jazz vocal under Yoseyama Sumiko, one of the greatest Jazz vocalists in Japan.

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